About Women in Cyber Security: 

Women in Cyber Security is a non-profit student organization at University of Houston.

Our Mission:

The mission of the organization consists of the following:

  • To help encourage and support women in cyber security by providing them with technical and non-technical resources necessary to ensure their success in the academia and in the field upon graduation.
  • onduct workshops to provide technical training to the women from non-technical fields in cyber security to help overcome any technical gap
  • Provide networking opportunities to females in Cyber Security with industry leaders and professionals to provide guidance and explore career paths in Cyber Security
  • Provide a platform to the members to collaborate, share ideas and celebrate achievements
  • Promote gender diversity in Cyber Security to increase the female participation

Message of Founders: 

Women in Cyber Security was founded to have a platform where women from diverse academic background can come together to collaborate, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

As we all know, cyber security is a rapidly growing industry and the percentage of women in the field is alarmingly low. This organization aims to help overcome the gap by attracting women from the different academic backgrounds to learn about cyber security and to provide them with resources, and networking opportunities that are imperative for their success in the field.

Our vision for Women in Cyber Security is to become a support system not just for women that are in the program, but for those that want to pivot into Cyber Security from other fields.

Founders of WICSUH
Annie Jamshed and Afnan Alabdullatif
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